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Engineering First: is a new way of thinking about eCommerce
Building online retail websites is not like building other websites. Many creative agencies tend to focus on the design before anything else, leaving their customers with attractive but hollow websites. We believe that online retail websites should be built from the inside-out, making performance, security, integration, and scalability the most important factors, even for small businesses. By making the right decisions early, small businesses position themselves for early success in online retail, which opens up a world of possibilities.

Our Platform
We specialize in building custom applications using the best eCommerce technologies available. We choose open-source technology because we feel that a rich community of developers is the best way to achieve secure, reliable technology. Our platform consists of Linux, PHP, MySQL, Magento, Google Analytics, OroCRM, and a variety of other next-generation technologies, all integrated to fit your daily workflow.

Design & Marketing Partners
Good design is important to online retail. That’s why we’ve partnered with top-end designers that understand eCommerce, user interfances, and managing the user experience. By using advanced technologies that allow proper ‘templating’ of your site, you are given maximum flexibility and freedom to make low-cost design changes. Templates are optimized for customer relations, performance, and even mobile devices. Our platform is optimized for SEO, and our marketing partners can help you reach audiences you never thought possible.

Hosting, service, and security applications, built by Engineers
Our cloud-based hosting services are constantly monitored to ensure your site’s integrity. Security patches, technology upgrades, and routine maintenance ensure that your security and performance are never comprimised.

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